Anja Godlewski-Dykes

Passionate. Result Oriented. Unstoppable.

Hey there! I’m Anja, a creative, strategic thinker who’s passionate about memorable marketing campaigns, great coffee and traveling to new cities. I’ve got a love for consumer behavior and how to influence it, as well as craft beer and ‘Cuse games.

As a Senior Account Manager responsible for relationship building, account growth and project management, I find that the combination of understanding my clients’ individual needs and their company’s larger marketing goals leads to amazing results! Sometimes I ask myself, what do I like more? The excitement I feel when my team identifies a new solution or the rush I get when I start to see campaign results begin to pour in? Either way, I strive to achieve both and won’t stop until it happens!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my site! Feel free to check out my portfolio or contact me to start collaborating and being unstoppable.