The Ski Company, with locations in Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo and Bloomfield, NY, is the leading independent seller of skis, snowboards and winter equipment in Upstate New York.

Online shopping is a thriving market. Worldwide, retail e-commerce sales are increasing year over year, making it challenging for brick-and-mortar businesses to complete with their e-commerce competitors. To maintain being the leading independent seller of skis and snowboards in Upstate New York, The Ski Company needed to encourage digital users to visit their brick-and-mortar store, versus shopping at competing online retailers. For a client that traditionally relies on radio, it was important to prove that digital marketing is a new space – and that it works!

Through a comprehensive digital marketing plan, targeting Rochester skiers, snowboarders and outdoor winter sports enthusiasts, we raised awareness of various in store promotions and encouraged buyers to shop brick-and-mortar rather than online. The following tactics were used to drive potential shoppers to the client’s store:
– Facebook & Instagram 
– Google Search Ads 
– Display Banner Ads
– Retargeting Ads
– YouTube Ads

Over the course of four months, our Google Search, display and YouTube campaigns saw more 464,900 impressions, 3,800+ clicks and 41,400+ video views. Our Facebook and Instagram campaigns reached nearly 100,000 unique potential customers, and resulted in more than 1,800 reactions, 116 shares, and 3,100+ unique link clicks. Additionally, the campaign grew the Ski Company’s Facebook page by 200+ likes.

The social networks used also allowed users to give positive feedback to Ski Company and encourage their friends and family to check the store out too.

Our ads focused on the benefits of buying from a qualified Ski Company professional rather than ordering online.

The best part? The client reported a 20-30% increase in sales year-over-year at their brick-and-mortar just as a result of implementing our comprehensive digital marketing plan. So happy with the results, they extended their campaign to continue growing their revenue for additional store sales!

Bonus win: This same strategy was implemented in their Syracuse market where the client needed to extend a featured sale an hour and a half past closing time because the line was out the door! This was reported as the busiest sale they had seen in 5 years.